The Crisis: Make the bosses pay! - Manifesto of the International Marxist Tendency


The crisis capitalism has entered globally is having a deep impact on the real living conditions of billions of workers all over the world. With this comes a growing consciousness among ordinary working people and youth that something is seriously wrong with this system, that this cannot be the way human beings have to live. Workers are looking for an explanation and proposals of how to get out of this mess. We have produced a Manifesto which outlines the causes and puts forward a programme of action for the international labour movement.

We are witnessing in all countries more people turning up to meetings, more people buying our journals, pamphlets and books. This is a moment when Marxists should be stepping up their activities, seeking out new sympathisers and winning them to Marxism.

We call on all our supporters and sympathisers to translate our Manifesto, print it out and distribute it as widely as possible among the workers and youth of all countries. You should organised meetings around it to discuss it. The situation that has opened up is one where a much wider layer of workers and youth are prepared to listen to Marxist ideas and analysis and also want to do something about what is going on.


Our British comrades of Socialist Appeal have produced a pamphlet of the Manifesto. Here we provide the PDF (1.6 MB) for republication.

 The Crisis: Make the bosses pay! - Manifesto of the International Marxist Tendency

Workers are angry and are becoming radicalised as each day passes. All this must be harnessed to build the International Marxist Tendency in all countries. It is the burning task of the day.



  1. A global crisis of capitalism

    1. Desperate measures
    2. The bankers never lose
    3. “In everybody’s interest”?
    4. The cause of the crisis
    5. Capitalist anarchy
    6. For a better life
    7. Changing consciousness
  2. Demands for a crisis

    1. How to combat unemployment
    2. Fight to defend living standards!
    3. The trade unions
    4. The youth
    5. “Practicability”
    6. Defend democratic rights!
  3. International socialism

    1. Another world is possible – socialism
    2. For the Socialist United States of Europe!
    3. Eastern Europe, Russia and China
    4. The crisis of the “Third World”
    5. Down with imperialism!
    6. For a socialist world!
    7. Is it utopian?
    8. The crisis of leadership
    9. Help us build the IMT!

The Manifesto in other languages

En español

Una alternativa marxista a la crisis global del capitalismo (I Parte), II Parte, III Parte

En português


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